Silicone Phone Holder Use Method And Function Introduction

- Jan 06, 2019-

With the advent of the information age, the popularity of mobile phones, our lives are increasingly inseparable from mobile phones, and mobile phones have gradually become our "second life", but the question that comes with it is how to make Mobile phones are more comfortable and safer. Therefore, we have a small invention, that is, Silicone phone holder the silicone mobile phone holder, the appearance of the mobile phone holder makes the mobile phone more convenient and more comfortable to use. However, there are many types and different usages of mobile phone brackets. Today, we are proud to introduce silicone mobile phone bracket manufacturers, and let you know how to use various types of silicone mobile phone brackets.

Suction cup type, this should be a mobile phone silicone bracket that appeared earlier. The disadvantage is that the suction cup is not strong, Silicone phone holder the mobile phone is easy to fall down. The advantage is that it is suitable for use in many places, you can choose the most suitable position for your use.

Rotary type, can be installed in any plane position, such as installing in a plane position convenient for the driver to operate. Silicone phone holder The disadvantage is that it will affect the signal of the mobile phone. The position of the paste will be removed and there will be a print. The advantage is that it is flexible and compact, and it is convenient to take down the mobile phone. answer the phone.

Hanging type is generally installed in the air conditioning tuyere of the car. Because of the different models, the fixed position is limited, Silicone phone holder it is impossible to rotate and adjust the angle, but the good place is fixed and firm.

Anti-skid, this is the most used one, the most commonly used one, suitable for use in various places such as desktop bed, you can adjust the angle at will, transfer the place, take off the phone. Very popular with everyone!