Silicone Mold Opening Process

- Dec 20, 2019-

              With the wide application of silica gel products, more and more people use the products made by silica gel and are widely used in various fields. Rongjin silica gel manufacturers will take you familiar with the process of silicone mold opening.

              Customization of silicone products must start with the design of the mold before opening the mold, then the mold manufacturing process, and finally the product shipment. The open-molded silicone molds are equally divided into two types of silicone molds and injection molds. The silicone products we use are silicone molds. There are S50C, P20.S126H for the silicon steel mold. The mold making process is divided into programming—CNC—EDM—assembly. After the mold is completed, it comes to the production process of silicone products. The mold forming process can be divided into three major categories, namely compression molding silicone products, and extrusion silicone products. For liquid silicone products, we commonly use molded silicone products.