Silicone Knowledge

- Apr 14, 2020-

1. There are two types of silicone:

One is precipitation silica gel; the other is vapor phase silica gel.

The difference between them is that the gas-phase silicone rubber has better tear resistance and is suitable for: products within the cover, pressure cooker ring, silicone wire, etc .; the precipitation method of silicone has a better life span, suitable for: remote control buttons, mobile phone buttons, feet Mat etc.

2. Gas tube is a kind of imported silicone tube, generally used for food and medical

3. How to identify fumed rubber and Shending rubber:

Hope: Before unvulcanization, the gas-phase glue is generally transparent or translucent, and the precipitation glue is as white as rice cake. (There are also many different colors, so far only the most common raw materials are discussed)

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Folding: After vulcanization, there is no obvious change in the gas-phase rubber of the zigzag rubber parts, and no matter what color the precipitated rubber has, there are obvious white creases.

4. The silicone tube vulcanized with platinum catalyst is odorless, highly transparent, and specially used for food contact. It belongs to the most high-grade silicone tube!

5. Types of rubber compound: nitrile rubber compound rubber, hydrogenated nitrile rubber seal product compound rubber, silicone rubber compound rubber, fluorosilicone rubber compound rubber, fluoro rubber compound rubber, EPDM rubber compound Rubber, acrylic rubber compound.