Silicone Defense Robot

- May 06, 2020-

Silicone defense robot

Recently, the National Defense Authority Information Network stated that the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has launched a software silicone robot prototype. The outstanding feature of this silicone robot is that it can change its color in a very short time according to the environment like a chameleon. And amazingly, because the material is silicone, its elasticity is much better than traditional rigid robots.


The release of this information gives us a new understanding of the role of silicone. In the past, we only knew that silica gel is more common in life. Later, with the in-depth study of the nature of silica gel, we found that it has many advantages in medical treatment-silica gel and human tissue are almost no rejection. Now, the use of silicone has obviously expanded to the military field.

In the future, with the development of robot technology, the robot industry will surely become a hot industry. Because of its own elasticity, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, and stable chemical properties, silica gel will definitely stun its major role in the robot industry again.