Silicone Baby Teether Purchase Considerations

- Oct 16, 2019-


            At present, they are more concerned about their own safety and the personal safety of their children. Therefore, many friends in life are strictly cautious in purchasing daily necessities. Parents who are more concerned about their own safety are more serious about the choice of children’s growth tools. There are countless baby teethers in the market, such as rubber molar sticks and cotton bite gels. The molar silicone stick is one of them.

            Silicone molar cement is a hot product in the baby market. At present, many children's dental gel manufacturers in China are mainly using silicone rubber and thermoplastic rubber, but there are so many silicone rubber manufacturers in the country, each brand and The quality of the manufacturer's gutta-percha products is not reliable. There are not many people who care about this problem. At present, all kinds of high-end and low-end shopping malls and stalls have silicone rubber teeth, for its quality requirements and purchase. Method, how should you choose as a parent?

           Material quality occupies the main factor, the best silicone product, if its material is selected, then the product's reliability accounts for most of the advantages, so children's teether mainly depends on whether the material is safe, whether all aspects of testing certification Guarantee, whether it is completely harmless after use.

           High-purity gas phase glue is the standard for children's silicone tooth glue. When you buy it, you can use hand-stretched tooth rubber to see if it appears white. No whitening is pure food grade. It is whitish and not serious. It can also be used but the purity is not enough, not to mention pure whitening.

It is necessary to distinguish between non-toxic, colorless and odorless, which is characteristic of silica gel, color concentration and odor. It is judged whether it is treated with secondary sulfurization. The strength of tensile rebound is determined by the concentration and stability of the sol, such as rubber. Stretching rebound strength is good, you can judge it has good stability.

            Silicone products manufacturers workmanship process for the second time, first look at the surface finish of silicone rubber is rough, and then look at the thickness of the product's parting line and whether there is a broken mouth, the other is the product of defects, such as black spots impurities.

           The use of functions takes the third place, and the functional problems cannot be affected. The rebound strength and toughness of silicone rubber teeth determine the quality of the products. If the purchased baby teether is deformed or yellowed due to bite or force, then Need to choose carefully.

          The purchase of silicone baby teether is mainly based on materials. Children's teeth rubber produced by high-quality raw materials can be used with confidence. The material formulas of different silicone manufacturers are basically different, so be careful when purchasing, but remember that no matter Cheap or too expensive are produced from silicone manufacturers, where their management costs are different, the efficiency and proficiency of production are different, and the choice of raw materials makes the price appear different, so whether it is brand OEM or independent research and development, you It only needs to be certified for its materials and all aspects of performance.