Silicone Baby Teether Comes With Adsorption? How To Prevent And Control Silicone Without Ash?

- Oct 17, 2019-


            The current functional role of silicone materials as a daily necessities has exceeded our phenomenon. In addition to the electronics, medical, sealing, construction and other industries, it has attracted much attention in daily life, with the advantages and functions occupying the majority, but the consumers are troubled. The adsorption of silica gel material is rather cumbersome. Sticky dust has become a negative evaluation of it. However, many products can be surface treated and sprayed to prevent static electricity. However, how can some products fail to prevent dust from passing through the surface?

           Silicone children's gutta-percha is a kind of product that is commonly used in infants. However, many parents encounter problems with silica gel glue, which can cause normal use of infants and young children. How should we deal with this phenomenon? Food grade silicone gel is a safety-conscious product. Unlike other silicone products, it is not surface-treated, so it is usually protected by its own protection.

           The adsorption strength is mainly based on the silica in the raw materials and the added components of the silicone oil material. Since the silica raw material belongs to the station, the viscous synthetic material is added with the silicone oil and the oxidation and the excessive distribution. When the appearance of the raw material is sticky, it will naturally Adsorb dust! Silicone teether is better to prevent static electricity from rubbing against other substances. Silicone products will cause a certain amount of adsorption due to heat. Usually, they can be placed in a ventilated place and where there is less dust and hair. .

           In addition, the hardness of the baby gutta-percha product is low, and the hardness of the silicone product is lower. The higher the activity of the silicone oil, the greater the adsorption force. Therefore, when choosing the silicone children's gutta-percha, try to choose a high-hardness material to avoid sticking dust. Phenomenon, in addition, if the product has a reflective surface when purchasing, the greater the chance of ashing the product, such as the finer grain frosted surface, the smaller the probability of dust absorption, mainly depends on how to choose.

           Silicone gutta-percha is a food-grade material. When it is impossible to control its adsorption strength through anti-static materials and surface injection treatment, it still needs to be controlled by itself.