Silicone And Life

- May 19, 2020-

1. Silicone-free shampoos are often seen on the market. The slogan advertised is not to harm or block the scalp to breathe. But silicon will not be absorbed by the skin. The role of silicon in the shampoo is to form a film on the hair, which will make you feel a smooth hair, but this film is formed on the surface layer, not Will enter the human body. Therefore, when we use silicone-free shampoo, we will feel that the hair is dry and dry after washing, because there is no film-forming ingredient.

       Second, when you choose shampoo, you still have to choose according to the effect you want to wash. You can't be scammed by the merchant for marketing slogan. If you need to smooth it after washing, be sure to choose a silicone-containing shampoo. When we use anti-aging creams at night, in addition to retinol to help us fight skin aging, there are silicon film sticks formed on the surface of the skin. We fight the dirt in the air and prevent them from entering the skin. When using day creams during the day, the sunscreen-protected day creams also have the effect of blocking the ultraviolet rays brought about by the silicone film. The most important point is that silicon only plays a protective role on the skin surface and does not enter the skin. It can be eliminated in daily skin cleansing.


3. When our hands are rubbing hand cream, everyone may have different care needs, some may need whitening, some may need moisturizing, and some may need moisturizing. Whitening hand cream may need to add arbutin, VC and other whitening ingredients. Moisturizing hand cream may require various penetrating ingredients. The moisturizing hand cream needs our silicone to help. You must have a protective film on the surface of your skin to lock the moisture in your hands. When we use different hand creams for intensive hand maintenance, we may feel that some brands of hand creams are difficult to absorb or form on the hands, and some brands of hand creams are not only comfortable but also not Easy to wash off. This is the reason why the silicone component is reasonably blended in the formulation to form a film.

       Chemical industry is actually very close to our lives. Although we often have the fear of being dominated by high school chemistry, the application of chemical products in life can give us a lot of convenience.