Silica Gel Ice Bucket Will Be The Main Material And Trend To Replace The Traditional Ice Bucket

- Sep 07, 2019-


      In the bar, bar of summer drink is already the pastime, we cannot replace the bar when you drinking in summer is going to be an ice bucket for you, filled with ice for you to add in there, or put a pile of wine inside the ice bucket, whether white wine and beer under the condition of low temperature is the entrance to the best, so has been welcomed by a lot of ice buckets of ice, and traditional ice bucket basic is given priority to with stainless steel or iron, and now many some high-grade bar or KTV are already quietly with silica gel ice bucket.Why?

1. Due to the material problem of traditional ice bucket, the ice cubes melt relatively quickly. If customers need to change more ice cubes, the relative cost is relatively high;

2. The traditional ice bucket is made of iron, which is easy to be compressed or bent. The compressed ice bucket is basically unusable and needs to be replaced.

Why choose silica gel as the ice bucket? 

1, the price of silica gel ice bucket is relatively cheap, and feel more upscale than iron;

2. The silica gel ice bucket is usually made of food-grade silica gel. The color can be adjusted at will.

3, because it is food grade silica gel, so it has low carbon environmental protection, non-toxic, dustproof, heat and cold resistance, easy to clean.

4, silicone ice bucket even at home, sometimes go out to travel can be carried, easy to operate, but also can freeze all kinds of drinks;

5, heat preservation compared with the traditional ice bucket long, and extrusion resistance and other characteristics.  

      In summary, silica gel ice bucket is the best material and trend to replace the traditional ice bucket. I believe that in the near future, the bar and KTV will use silica gel material.