Shelf Life Of Silicone Products

- Sep 18, 2019-


           There are many quality problems in many things in our lives. The quality problems will involve the product shelf life. The most common problem we usually have is the shelf life of foods. The shelf life of a food is very important to consumers. Everything has a shelf life, including our silicone products. Many friends will have such a question. How long is the shelf life of silicone products? In fact, the shelf life issue of silicone products is not so simple, let's introduce Xiaobian!

       The shelf life of silicone products is mainly calculated from two aspects, one is according to the number of times the product is used, and the other is to follow the time. Recently, the netizen asked that one of his silicone dishwashing brushes was used for one year. Can you still use it now? There are many kinds of sayings about this problem. Some say that as long as the product is not bad, it can be used. Some say that the silicone material can not be used for a long time. There are many different opinions. In fact, the actual shelf life of the silicone products is mainly in accordance with the manufacturer's production regulations. Many products are because of The performance is different, so the shelf life is different.


        Some silicone products in our life are basically made of imported food grade silicone raw materials, so the material is very high quality. The shelf life of the products mainly depends on the performance of the silica gel and the ingredients and use we add in the production. Ordinary silica gel is generally used in manufacturing. Some industrial products, if it is not a human factor, it is no problem to use it for more than two years. Compared with the material of daily necessities, the material of the daily necessities is better. Generally, it can be used for three to five years without problems, because the silica gel is wet for a long time. The performance in the air will slowly decrease and degrade, so if it is too long to be idle, we still recommend replacing it.