Several Silicone Product Molding Processes That Are Currently Popular In The Market

- Sep 24, 2019-


          Our exploration of silicone products has never stopped. Whether it is from the process or the novelty, the silicone products have been working hard. This small series brings you the most complete silicone molding process on the market. For everyone to learn and reference:


1. Molding

      Simply speaking, it is a molded silicone product through a grinding tool. This process is a molding process used by most silicone products factories. The main features are cheap price, easy to master technology, and low scrap rate.


2, injection (injection)

This kind of technology is mainly used in areas with high quality requirements, such as baby products, diving products, automotive supplies, etc. This feature is the combination of liquid silicone and plastic, and its products show better thermal stability and cold resistance. Sexual, excellent electrical insulation properties, no toxic substances will be produced when burning.


3, extrusion

      By extruding a process, generally this process mainly produces long-shaped silicone products, or pipes, which are mainly used in medical or some environmental protection equipment.


4, perfusion

        Filling molds are used for relatively smooth or simple products. No mold line saves time and labor, it is the product or model that you want to copy. Applications such as: mobile phone cases, luggage sets and other silicone products.


      The above four types are the molding processes that most silica gel products need to use. No matter which type of silica gel products are produced, they are inseparable from these four molding processes.