Review Of Popular Silicone Products In 2019

- Jan 03, 2020-

Review of Popular Silicone Products in 2019

In a blink of an eye, 2019 has passed. This year's foreign trade situation is full of setbacks, with challenges and opportunities coexisting. In 2019, although the silicone industry has also suffered a lot, a number of popular silicone products have emerged in the market. Today, based on the industry, we summarize the silicone products that have been fired this year and predict the new trends that may emerge in the silicone products market in 2020.

Silicone is widely used in daily necessities due to its safety, flexibility and extension. Adult products remain the largest market for silicone products. In addition, silicone is also widely used in the field of tableware. Silicone oven baking gloves, silicone placemats, and silicone spatulas are more popular products in the domestic market. In foreign countries, these silicone products have been popular for several years. Therefore, domestically, the concept of healthy life of silicone products has also gradually spread. The popularity of silicone food preservation covers for electronic products such as silicone mobile phone cases and AirPods earphone cases has also changed with the release of new products from major electronics manufacturers.

AirPods Pro Silicone Case

AirPods Pro硅胶保护套

In addition, industrial silicone miscellaneous pieces and silicone accessories still maintain a stable situation. Most of them are customized products. In the process of customizing silicone products, customers pay more attention to the qualification, certificate, and customer service of the silicone factory. Customers' requirements for product design are more detailed and professional. This requires the silicone products factory to improve production technology, strictly control quality control, and cultivate professional customer service. In these respects, the older the supplier, the better it will be.

Silicone placemat


The coming 2020 is a year for the country to achieve a comprehensive well-off society. For silicone products and related industries, it is facing a brand new ten-year cycle. Silicone adult products, silicone kitchenware, and silicone baby products will continue to develop rapidly in the next few years. More popular products will surely be derived and require our close attention. And the heat of custom silicone accessories will not decrease. Silicone products companies are required to focus on R & D and innovation while providing customized silicone services, and launch their own patented products that meet market needs.