Protective Function And Customized Method Of Silicone Crash Pad

- Dec 07, 2019-

            If no object is operated by any object, it is always stationary. You must test it yourself before you know how good it is. Sometimes we will go through various factors before summarizing the various problems of the product, replacing the product, etc. For example, for silicone crash pads, different factors need to be considered for custom processing, such as: environmental use, angle placement, product hardness and appearance, etc. So there may be many deficiencies in design, so how to customize the silicone crash angle better?


            Silicone anti-collision angle is mainly the same as protecting the sharp corners of furniture to prevent baby collision injury. Really environmentally friendly, tasteless, thicker, softer and more resilient. Only with clean, beautiful and tidy can you better match your furniture. Therefore, especially for families with children, silicone bumpers are used for outer packaging. Softness can directly avoid impact and cause injury, and good softness can be very protected.


            In addition, there is a silicone protective pad that can also prevent collision scratches, to avoid the collision noise of doors and furniture, the thickness increases, allowing it to better protect the furniture, enjoy the comfort, and not be disturbed.


            Before you can make custom silicone crash pads, you must understand these key points. The first thing to know is whether the product can achieve useful cushioning strength. The cushioning strength of a collision depends on the hardness and rebound strength of the product and the thickness of the product. More importantly, the raw materials of silicone materials are hard and soft. It can be customized from 30 ° C to 80 ° C. If the product is too soft, it may cause damage if left untimely. So you can choose according to your desired hardness. According to the selection of table wheel angle sharpness, it is recommended to select high hardness! Smoother Opposite Choice!


           From the point of view of the silicone material, the silicone crash pad is very soft and has excellent elasticity. Generally, the raw materials of the manufacturers of silicone products have no special requirements on the rebound strength of many products, so you can choose the appropriate materials, and you can design the appearance and cartoon animals. Diversification can be achieved by overmolding and dispensing or silk printing!