Professional Manufacturers Will Take You Into A Different World Of Silicone Seals

- Nov 10, 2020-

  The application of sealing rings has been in use since the eighteenth century. Now, as our requirements for sealing performance products increase, our silicone sealing rings are constantly being replaced and improved. Now the sealing ring is also derived from the rubber material and the sealing product made of silicone material. Nowadays, the silicone product manufacturers attach great importance to the production design of the sealing ring.

Sealing ring


Types of silicone seals:

   There are many types of sealing rings nowadays. There are various types of sealing rings on the market, thousands of large and small, which always make people feel dazzled. However, the materials of the sealing ring are now made of two kinds of silicone products and rubber products. However, there are many types of seals. There are many types of V-shaped sealing ring, U-shaped sealing ring, Y-shaped sealing ring, YX-shaped sealing ring and so on. Their various performances are suitable for various occasions. Nowadays manufacturers have great design for the production of sealing rings. Upgrade, professionally customize all kinds of silicone sealing rings.