Principles Of Silicone Rubber Products Manufacturing

- Aug 01, 2019-


The difference between the quality and quality of silicone rubber products - the harm of poor quality silicone rubber products

People who buy silicone rubber often have cheap silicone rubber products, but what do you know about high-quality products and low-quality products when purchasing silicone rubber products, the principle of manufacturing silicone rubber products, the difference between low-quality and high-quality silicone rubber products, The harm of inferior silicone rubber products?

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Silicone rubber manufacturing principle:

Silicone rubber product is a natural resin formula containing a variety of inorganic compounds, mixed with silica powder, not only has high quality practicability and reliability, but also uses some low-quality or low-cost raw materials, which can greatly reduce silica gel. The quality of the product reduces product quality and longevity.

The difference between low quality and high quality silicone rubber products:

1. In general, high-quality products have a long life and adaptability. In non-human conditions, such as high and low temperature and unstable conditions, such as low temperature of 200 degrees or oil pressure, ozone can also be used for a long time to maintain a good life. And the number of uses, no deformation, lack of tension during use, etc. will not be damaged and so on.

Second, low-quality silicone products can also be used, but the difference between low-quality products is that the raw materials and curing agents are different, so the difference between high-quality products and low-quality products can be judged in the same environment. Today, many industrial electronic accessories are replaced by silicone rubber products.

Hazards of low quality silicone rubber products:

Many silicone product manufacturers use low-quality raw materials for mass production, but have achieved certain results. Regardless of whether the actual period of the product is qualified, many products receive feedback from consumers in the market, and the service life of the products is too short. The tensile strength is too low and the product is sticky. However, these materials are caused by the silica raw material. In order to ensure the smoothness of the surface of the product, the viscosity of the silicone oil is controlled, the amount of silicone oil added is too large, and the silicone oil destroys the composition of the silicon atom, resulting in insufficient extraction of the product, and the decline in service life makes many products become low-quality products with degraded performance.