Point Out The Defects Of Silicone Products, All The Problems Are Here!

- Oct 15, 2019-


          In the tough things have its defects, silicone rubber is no exception, the silicone seals we use in daily necessities are countless, in the sealed dust-proof daily necessities, decorative gifts and electronic products, for performance It has good advantages, but it also has a fragile side. Today, we will explain to you some of the rare defects in the application of silicone sealing products!


         Fear of knives is the primary defect. Silicone products are soft substances that are different from metal plastics and hard rubber materials. They have hard compounds with strong alkali, while silicone products are mainly used to avoid the seams. Therefore, there are many manufacturers of silicone products. The bad factors are often because the surface of the product has a broken mouth or the product structure is right angle or too brittle, causing the mouth to be gradually enlarged. Therefore, the silicone sleeve that is purchased is also good for the silicone bracelet, so try not to touch the item with the sharp tool!

          Strong alkali corrosion has an effect on any substance, and silica gel has certain advantages in terms of tensile and tear resistance and rebound. Only a strong solvent solution can melt this material into a soft substance. When it is contacted with an acidic solution such as (sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid), the silica gel material will be turned into a soft substance such as a sludge. After long-term intrusion, it will gradually concentrate and become crispy and will not completely disappear.

          The silica gel material is a combination of high-activity adsorption fine molecules. The material itself has already been adsorbed, so the finished silica gel product will naturally absorb dust. This is a common phenomenon, so sometimes you are in the industry. The seals used in the seals appear to be bright and dusty on the raw materials, and the mold surface on the mold is too smooth, resulting in greater adhesion!

         When the degree of force of a sealed silicone member has exceeded the limit of the product itself, it will naturally cause certain deformation effects. The deformation of the silicone product is a rare phenomenon, so long-term compression and vibration will definitely lead to the product inside the product. When the molecular chain breaks, the deformation of the product will not cause the aging, and the performance failure phenomenon will gradually appear!

        Oiling phenomenon, the problem of oily products in silicone products has been reflected by more than one or two consumers, so what is the specific cause of oiling?

        There is a feeling that the sticking phenomenon of the oil stick feels sticky. There are several factors. Firstly, the amount of silicone oil and other compounds added during the mixing of raw materials is uneven, resulting in residual substances after synthesis. After high temperature vulcanization, the product will be in the product. The oil oozes out slowly in a certain period of time, and the second is caused by the production of silicone rubber products. For example, the addition of vulcanizing agent and internal mold release agent and the spraying of surface release agent lead to the intervention of facial compound residues. After long-term use, Slowly start to appear oil!