On The Influence Of Sino-US Trade War On The Silicone Products Industry

- Jun 05, 2019-

On the influence of Sino-US trade war on the silicone products industry

Many people know that the tariff on the US exports to China on the 12th has increased from 10% to 20%. Many people ask if this has any effect on the silicone products industry. This is a very heavy blow to the company that exports silicone products. Why?


      1. Most of the corporate customers in the silicone industry are European and American companies, and the United States accounts for more than 50% of the market share of silicone products;

      2. Many silicone products are transmitted from the United States to the country and then developed and then produced and sent to the United States.

      3, the current popular electronic cigarette protective cover, etc. will receive blows to varying degrees;

      4. It will be very painful for enterprises that rely on foreign trade production;

      5. More than 50% of the orders in the silicone industry are foreign trade orders, and domestic silica gel consumption accounts for a small number;

      6. The silica gel industry is mainly supported by price advantage. After the tariff is raised, the price advantage will cease to exist;