New Fluorosilicone Rubber Development Potential

- Nov 21, 2019-


           On November 14, 2019, the 2019 China Jiujiang International New Materials Industry (Fluorosilicon) Development Conference jointly organized by Jiujiang Municipal People's Government and China Fluorosilicon Organic Materials Industry Association was held in Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province. People in the industry generally believe that China's The fluorosilicone rubber new material industry has great potential for development.

           Cao Xianjun, chairman of the China Fluorosilicon Organic Materials Industry Association, pointed out that fluorosilicone materials are important new chemical materials and have outstanding characteristics such as "excellent performance, wide application, high added value and great potential". The material is listed as an important branch of the new material industry in China's seven strategic emerging industries, and is the key development area of “Made in China 2025”. At present, there are more than 10,000 kinds of silicone rubber and fluorine chemical commercial products, among which fluorosilicone products occupy a large market, the global market value is close to 100 billion US dollars, and the annual growth rate is 6%-8%, which is about the world GDP increase. Nearly twice the speed.

          The use of fluorosilicone materials significantly improves the comfort, reliability and durability of machinery, electronics, transportation and even infrastructure and buildings, reduces capital and manpower investment, and extends the life of facilities, especially in extreme environments. Next, because of the protection provided by fluorosilicone materials, human beings can explore the polar regions, mountains, explore the ocean, space, and even the moon; in addition, fluorosilicon materials are widely used in environmental protection, safety and health in human society, in wastewater recycling. , exhaust gas treatment, desert management, fire retardant, fire protection and even cultural relics protection and other fields have played an important role, the medical and medical health equipment made of fluorosilicon material has saved countless lives and improved the quality of human life; It also strongly promotes the innovation and development of the next generation of technology represented by information technology and biotechnology. It plays an important role in the fields of information communication and semiconductors, and is irreplaceable in the development of new era technologies such as 5G and life sciences. Important role.

             China's fluorosilicon materials started in the 1950s. After more than 60 years of development, China has become the world's largest producer and consumer of fluorosilicon materials, and still has huge room for development. It is estimated that in the next five years, the bilateral trade volume between China and the rest of the world in the field of fluorine and silicon will be close to 30 billion US dollars. A new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation are poised for development. The deep integration of the new generation of information technology and manufacturing has spawned new technologies, new industries and new formats such as intelligent manufacturing, fabricated buildings and modern medical care, which have impacted the original production. Lifestyle has unleashed unprecedented market opportunities. At the same time, we should see that the development of the fluorosilicon industry in the world is not balanced. The innovation potential of fluorosilicon technology is far from being realized. In many parts of the world, the development of fluorosilicon and downstream industries is still blank. It is worthy of being present. Everyone is drawn with heart.

            At the meeting, Zhao Jungui, vice president and secretary general of the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, pointed out in several keynotes and thoughts on accelerating the development of China's chemical new materials industry that China's petroleum and chemical industries have entered kinetic energy transformation and promoted high quality. The critical period of development, the era of cheap technology sources has ended, the "14th Five-Year Plan" China will enter a new era of independent innovation, China's chemical industry has deep integration of the international market, the "14th Five-Year" China's chemical industry will enter international development New Era. The low-cost, high-speed growth phase of the chemical industry has passed, and it must be driven from factor-driven to innovation-driven and efficiency-driven. The 14th Five-Year China chemical industry will enter a new era of high-quality development.

          Zhao Jungui said that new chemical materials are the biggest shortcomings in China's chemical industry, and some have become the bottleneck restricting China's strategic emerging industries. We produce 39% of the world's chemicals, producing only 15% of the world's new chemical materials, high-performance membrane materials only account for 5.1% of the world, high-performance fibers only account for 2.6% of the world, high-performance thermoplastic elastomers only 5.6% Electronic chemicals account for only 7.2%, which is not commensurate with the status of a large chemical country. New chemical materials are far from meeting the needs of national economic development. The self-sufficiency rate is only 60%. There are still more than 130 kinds of urgently needed new chemical materials that cannot be produced domestically, which is still blank, and some have restricted the development of China's strategic emerging industries. The new chemical materials are also the sector with the largest trade deficit in the chemical industry, with an import value of 600 billion yuan. If we say that in the first half of the petrochemical industry, we basically completed the needs of the people's food, clothing, housing and transportation and the basic materials for the national economy. In the second half, the main task of the petrochemical industry is to meet the greater demand of the national economy, the emerging industries and the people's high quality of life, and promote the petrochemical industry. From the raw material type to the material type, vigorously developing new chemical materials is one of the main tasks of the 14th Five-Year Plan.

           Zhao Jungui stressed that we must strengthen our confidence, seize opportunities, and accelerate the innovative development of new chemical materials including new fluorine-silicon materials.

           Zhao Jungui pointed out that China's rapid rise has brought about a historic and major change in the world's strength pattern. This is not the biggest change in the past 100 years. It is our biggest opportunity. Specifically, the first is the rapid economic development of China's economy, which accelerates the development of new chemical materials in China. Provide market opportunities that have not existed for a hundred years. Second, the economic development of developed countries has slowed down, and the pace of research and development has slowed down. This has provided an opportunity for China's chemical new materials development to take advantage of the advantages of speeding up. Third, the new generation of information technology and the new industrial revolution have provided a rare historical opportunity for the innovation and development of new chemical materials in China. Fourth, the world's petrochemical industry has shifted its focus to the east. The world's chemical industry has the most complete industrial system, which provides us with unparalleled advantages in raw materials for the development of new chemical materials. The fifth is to promote the modernization of national governance capabilities and accelerate the development of new chemical materials for us. Give full play to the institutional guarantees provided by the institutional advantages of concentrating power to do major events.

            Zhao Jungui said that in the next ten years, China will certainly create a number of world-class varieties, world-class enterprises, Jiujiang has a good foundation for the development of fluorine silicon industry, and there are also very good conditions. I hope that Jiujiang City will look forward to the world of fluorine silicon industry. The industrial system and the first-class industrial base are planned to accelerate the development of the fluorine silicon industry. Zhao Jungui said that new materials, such as information technology, biotechnology, and semiconductors, have been recognized as high-tech materials that lead the world in today's society. New materials have become a battleground for the world's major countries in the economic, technological, and military fields, and are also the competition points for the future interests of the chemical industry. I hope that the majority of enterprises will study the rare opportunities of accelerating the development of new materials from their own realities, and make the new materials industry better and better.