National Environmental Inspection Buffer Season, Whether The Silicone Enterprises Breathe A Sigh Of Relief?

- Oct 14, 2019-


         "We are afraid of the morning when the sun rises, the police cars outside the factory, the law enforcement cars, even the plain clothes, and even the drones!" This is the sporty, "one size fits all" approach when the supply side and the production capacity and raw materials soared last year. The true portrayal of the hearts of some private enterprise owners in the process of environmental protection.

         As early as 2018, when the first round of environmental protection inspectors "look back," the Ministry of Ecology and Environment specially formulated a ban on environmental protection "one size fits all" work, and explicitly prohibited all simple and rude perfunctory behaviors such as shutting down, stopping first, and avoiding centralized production stoppages. Shutdown, etc., remember that in the silicone rubber products industry, I do not know how many small and medium-sized enterprises that have been used as peripheral materials and assisted processing have been broken up. In addition, many related environmental protection enterprises have gradually shut down, leading to industrial chain breaks. The period does not reach the cause of production problems and so on.

        However, there are policies and countermeasures. Everyone feels that in order to alleviate the environmental pressure on the top of the head, the closure of restaurants, auto repair shops, car wash shops and even Shantou stores has not only seriously disrupted the normal operation of the market, but also Caused the inconvenience of the majority of the people.

       In the past, for a long period of time, individual places opposed economic development and environmental protection. They mistakenly believed that strict environmental protection is to engage in "one size fits all", that is, to "all shut down" and bring about no small negative impact.

       However, it is gratifying that this year's environmental protection is still harsh, but everything seems to have changed.

        Recently, the General Office of the Ministry of Eco-Environment issued a notice to publicly solicit opinions from the society on "Opinions on Conducting Environmental Compliance in Enterprises (Consultation Draft)". The "Opinions" clearly require the establishment of a "first-responsibility system" within the unit, and "one-time notification" of relevant matters for administrative counterparts; cautious use of seizure and seizure for general violations, and strict prohibition of "all punishments" Simple and rude behaviors such as “stopping and saying again”.