Mold Silicone Mold Line Selection When Producing Complex Process Molds

- Jul 24, 2020-

The choice of mold opening form and mold line selection are very important.

One is for the convenience of taking the mold

The second is that the mold line should be selected so as not to affect the overall effect of the product

The third is not to affect the product quality. For example, the mold line position of the waterscape series products is too high, and the mold sealing line requires a lot of materials, and the product cracks easily; the fourth is to reduce the process operation procedures, such as opening half of the mold.

Operation method of mold opening line:

In order to prevent silica gel from flowing around, fix the mold with wooden squares or boards in a regular range. When opening the die, use the wooden board and the sludge to separate the first part. There is no gap between the sludge and the mold, and the surface of the sludge is smooth and flat. After the above work is prepared, then apply petroleum jelly or spray release agent on the plaster mold or the mold. For smooth products, use a clean cotton cloth dipped in petroleum jelly and spread it evenly on the mold. Keep it for 30 minutes to make the mold The product fully absorbs the petroleum jelly, and then wipes the surface of the mold with a clean cotton cloth, and the surface is required to be bright; and the textured product only needs to be evenly coated with the petroleum jelly to adjust the silica gel according to the formula.

When mixing the silicone, stir in an irregular direction to make the curing agent and the silicone fully mix to minimize the air mixing into the glue. For smooth products, it is better to apply a vacuum when the front layer of glue is applied, and keep the vacuum at -0.1Mpa. 7-8 seconds.


Molding should be made in time after the silicone is matched. Pour the glue on the higher part of the mold in a trickle, let it flow naturally, and brush it in place with an oil paintbrush where it is not in place. If it is a piece of mold silica gel, not only fill the entire product, but also brush the glue evenly. Each product is brushed with at least three layers of silica gel. The thickness of each layer of silica gel is 1mm. In the process of brushing silica gel, each layer is required to be cured before the other layer can be brushed. When brushing the third layer, add one on the second layer. Layer gauze to increase the strength of silicone.