Method For Making Mold Filling And Splitting Mold Of Mold Silicone

- May 19, 2020-

The operation method of slice mold or slice mold: apply the vacuumed silicone to the construction by brushing or pouring. Suppose you are using a brushing method for making film or split molds. Before painting, first apply a layer of release agent or barrier agent to the product or model you want to imitate, and then apply silicone to the product (Note : Be sure to apply evenly) After waiting for 30 minutes, stick a layer of gauze or glass fiber cloth to add strength, and then apply a second layer of silicone. After the silicone is dry, make the outer mold. Information such as gypsum or resin.


The operation method of filling or pouring mold: filling or pouring mold is used for comparing lubricating or simple products, that is, the goods or models you want to imitate, surrounded by plastic plates or glass plates, will be vacuumed The silicone is poured directly onto the product. After the silicone is dry and molded, the product is taken out and the mold is formed (Note: The injection mold is usually selected from silicone with a comparatively soft hardness. ).