Look At The Advantages Of The Silicone Button Era

- Jan 20, 2019-

At present, electronic products are based on technology, and every touch screen product on the market can bring a lot of technical sense to consumers. However, when it comes to the founder of the touch screen, although the button has been replaced, it must still start with the silicone button. The performance of the silicone material has brought us convenience and has to be appreciated. Until now, there are still many products that continue to use the silicone buttons. Then we will discuss the advantages and functions of today's silicone buttons.

Silicone button products can be regarded as currently known electronic accessories, so the softness of the product is mentioned first. There are still many remote control devices using silicone buttons, such as household appliances, air conditioners, televisions, etc., soft materials. It can make the skin feel comfortable and has a good Shiatsu massage effect, so the silicone material has a great advantage compared with the hard plastic button.

The life and effect of the silicone button is still good: before the silicone product is released, many key products are the plastic cover as the top of the button. The first hard touch is not very good, then the plastic cover and the base are not firmly combined or too Loose, the product has a card key, shutdown phenomenon, the product will not play and other factors, so it is expected that you will encounter this phenomenon, and the main reason is because the plastic button or plastic shell bonding and elastic is the biggest factor.

The appearance is more delicate, I remember that many buttons are hard at that time, and the number or letter above will be erased when a button is pressed for a long time. Especially the plastic button is most likely to occur, because the silicone button has been greatly improved. When the manufacturer has completed different processes, such as screen printing, Epoxy and Color K. Basically, there will be no text loss. Second, the colors and patterns are more vivid, more diverse, and no longer rigid.

So, in short, the silicone button is also considered an era. In the era when smartphones have not yet arrived, in the era of Changhong TV, Hisense TCL TV, remote control era, silicone button products still bring us great convenience.