Let You Know The Roots, The Price Of Silicone Manufacturers Is Suitable For Accounting!

- Aug 13, 2019-


As a consumer point of view, the retail price of "silicone maternal and child products" is relatively high, and from the perspective of our silicone products manufacturers, the price of silicone products is not worth mentioning compared with many materials, so many friends are I want to know the old bottom of the silicone products industry, "the cost price of silicone products is not high, why the market price is so high, how can we judge the cost performance of a product" and so on.

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For many friends, the price of silicone products is cheaper, he feels cheaper, while others think that you are cheap, he still feels that the cost is too high, so this leads many people to have a certain amount of cost analysis of the product, then today for everyone Reveal the process and price cost accounting of silicone rubber products.

For producers, the source of profit is mainly capacity and quality, not the pricing of the product, and a silicone rubber product is simple to process, easy to produce, and not easy to produce bad products, then its price cost may be lower, but For some more complex products, production is difficult, processing is inefficient, and the defect rate is high. Then the price of this type of product is usually high, and the other is simple product, but the processing time is too long or the product is too Large, resulting in inefficiency, can not afford to increase production capacity, and the price of such products is usually high.

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From the perspective of silicone manufacturers, the price of a product must be determined to ensure its efficiency and smooth production before the price of the product can be determined. The pricing method is usually divided into your requirements. For example, the appearance accuracy of the product requires the work of the mold steel mold. The cost is required to go up. If the product needs to meet the FDA or LFGB certification, then the production cost of the specific material needs to be increased, and then the process price is determined by determining the process and internal cost.

Generally, the general price of silicone rubber products manufacturers is based on the above calculation method. The production capacity of one day: the weight of the product is calculated by one day's material + (machine, labor cost + company material cost). Manufacturer costs, and on the basis of this cost, it is necessary to properly avoid defective products and secondary process problems. Therefore, the calculated price will not be too much error.