Learn About Military Silicone Smart Watch Strap

- Nov 16, 2019-


            The wolf 2 fire is in a mess, the box office has surpassed 5.2 billion, and many of the products of the brand products that cooperate with the wolf have followed suit, such as the bullet pendant on the chest of Wu Jing, the outdoor suit, the one-step military mobile phone. Wait, but the most popular is to talk about the 3D outdoor smart bracelet that contains the silicone watch strap.

           According to Xiaobian, this product is a military technology used in civilian products outside the civilian products, so this smart strap is also considered a military second-class confidential qualification, in terms of quality and performance in the field of outdoor equipment and hobbies Le Dao is not only an outdoor intelligence designed for the tough guy, but also symbolizes the temperament of a military soul, so it is big enough, heroic, and barbaric is a style of it!

           The main function of this watch belt is the design of outdoor use. It is usually said that friends who play outdoor are not killed. In order to resist many natural reasons, you have to rub or damage some protective equipment, and bring this stuff, you Can be made casually, from the dial to the strap have experienced crazy test, the dial is made of titanium steel material, the surface glass material is the same as the aviation glass material, and the wristband is made of high quality food grade silicone material. Resilience is more than 300%, so you can build it outdoors, it doesn't exist!!!

           When it comes to performance against many natural factors, the watch must be waterproof and drop-proof, and more importantly, it can also prevent low temperatures! Ordinary smart watches may stop working in winter, and this watch can be used even if you go to the snowy mountains.


            In the general sports watch mode, there are only ordinary sports such as step and ride. But this outdoor watch, as well as hiking, climbing and triathlon sports modes, can record heart rate, travel speed, distance and other information according to the characteristics of outdoor activities. During walking and climbing, the pressure, altitude, temperature, and compass function in the watch are of great use.

            In addition, electricity consumption is also a problem we are worried about, but after you bring it, you will be waiting for two or three months, and the most practical small function is that the watch can be charged wirelessly. .

            In case you are unfortunate and need help, this watch can be accurately positioned according to Beidou/GPS. “Multiple sports modes scientifically analyze sports data”. Sports and fitness in the weekdays, body data can be synchronized via Bluetooth. The number of steps, distances, and calories burned can be accurately recorded. The weather of the watch can be queried for 5 days, including the next day's forecast.

            There are too many practical functions, so I don’t point out each one. The main highlight of this watch is that it’s a tough guy, enough for the men, it’s a military spirit, so if you’re also a hardcore Army fans, that can not miss this military extension iron bowl 3S!