Is There Any Silicone That Is Softer Than 0 Degree Silicone?

- Aug 19, 2020-

 Is there any silicone that is softer than 0 degree silicone? The answer is yes. At present, we use Shore A 0 degree silica gel as a standard. If it is softer than 0 degree silica gel, the Shore A unit cannot be measured, so it is calculated in the Shore C unit.

Formula: Shore C 23C ≈ Shore A 0A

The hardness below 23C is the silica gel below 0 degrees. Generally, we divide the models below 0 degrees into several ranges, 0-5C; 5-10C; 10-15C; 15-20C. Among them, 0-5C is the most soft, while the hardness decreases, the performance is bound to decrease. Generally speaking, our company ships more of about 10C, and the performance is relatively good. Of course, if the customer prioritizes softness, you can choose other models.

The actual parameters currently shipped to customers are as follows, which are adjusted on conventional 0 degree silica gel

Model Color Viscosity

(MPa.s) Hardness

(Shore C) Tensile strength

(Mpa) tear strength

(KN/m) Elongation

(%) The mixing ratio

A: B operating time

(H) Initial curing time


E600-TT#10C Translucent 1000 10C 1.7 2.7 448 1:1 0.5 1-2

Remarks: Generally, the performance of the sticky surface is better than that of the non-sticky version