Is There A Difference Between Solid Silica Gel And Liquid Silica Gel?

- Jul 24, 2019-


There are two different kinds of silica gels on the market, which are liquid and solid, so is there really a difference between them? Many users know that they are different. The difference is only literal, and they don't know the difference between them. Today, Xiaobian will talk to you in detail.

    Is the liquid silicone that everyone said is thermal grease? This is a toothpaste-like paste substance; is solid silica gel a thermal silica gel sheet? If so, the thermal conductivity of the two products is different: the thermal conductivity of the thermal grease is one, which is equivalent to the thermal conductivity of the thermal silica film. The corresponding products are different: thermal grease can be used on high-power heating chips, and thermal silica can only be used on chips with low heat. The advantage of thermal grease is that the heat dissipation effect is better than that of the silica gel sheet, and the stability exceeds that of the thermal conductive silica gel sheet. The advantage of the thermal conductive silicone sheet is that the operation is simple and convenient to use, and the gap can be filled with a relatively large heat generating device, and the double-sided silicone can be carried with Sticky to the heat sink.

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    After reading the above knowledge, you should have a deeper understanding of the two. If you need to apply this solid silicone product at this time, welcome to us!