Is The Smell Of Silicone A Quality Problem? How To Eliminate

- Apr 10, 2020-

Pure silicon collagen material is environment-friendly, non-toxic and tasteless, but after silk screen printing, spraying hand feeling oil, YM process, IMD process, Lei Diao, gutta percha, water paste and other processes, different tastes may be produced after these processes are completed. This is very prominent in silica gel products. It can be seen that the generation of peculiar smell may occur in various processes after forming.

Usually, the process that causes silicone products and plastic products to produce pungent taste is: silk screen printing and hand spray. The raw materials for silk screen printing may have pungent taste, and the silicone products will have obvious taste after silk screen printing. However, it is not common for silk screen to cause peculiar smell of silica gel products. These also belong to normal phenomena. After two or three days of natural ventilation, the odor will be eliminated naturally.


Although silica gel products are non-toxic, there are many manufacturers who are opportunistic in production, or the process is not perfect, so some products still do not meet the standards. Due to the particularity of the safety requirements of silica gel tableware, the production process of silica gel products is very strict, and enough time is needed to remove the volatile substances after the products are formed. In order to pursue efficiency, some factories do not have enough processing time for their products, or use unqualified colouring glue and auxiliaries for coloring in the production process, resulting in unqualified product sanitation. When we buy silica gel products, we should be careful. If there is a serious smell, we must not choose. Next, we should see the quality of the products. The products with good quality are soft and comfortable. After thousands of times of folding and pulling, they are still not deformed or damaged.