Is The Silicone Steering Wheel Cover Better Or Genuine Leather?

- Sep 24, 2020-

Silica gel products are chemically stable, will not repel the human body, can be in good contact with the skin, and have a variety of colors. There will be no problems when used throughout the year. Because it is chemically stable, it can be washed directly with water when it is dirty. And the service life is generally ten years. Silicone interior accessories are currently the cleanest and most environmentally friendly interior accessories.


First, find out what real leather is. People generally think that real leather is cowhide, sheepskin and other leather, but in fact, many businesses call PU (polyurethane) or artificial leather as real leather. As we all know, PU (polyurethane) will release toxic formaldehyde at high and low temperatures in summer. Just imagine that when the door is opened in the hot summer sun, a strong smell of formaldehyde will blow on your face. Who can withstand it. The leather steering wheel feels very hard due to the use of artificial leather. When driving, you must touch the steering wheel of the car more often, and keep your hands on the steering wheel. If the car steering wheel cover has an odor, it will directly invade our body. Short time has no effect, if the time is long It will definitely affect our body. We can use it with confidence, while silica gel is the opposite. The scientific name of silica gel is methyl vinyl siloxane, which is non-toxic and odorless. It has similar moisture permeability to the skin, high and low temperature resistance, aging resistance, weak acid and alkali resistance, mildew resistance, and good The adsorptivity. Therefore, the silicone steering wheel feels comfortable and has a skin-like feel. It has good anti-slip performance and smooth one-handed steering. It will not grow mildew even if it is wet in summer. It can be washed directly with water if it is dirty. It is easy to take care of. It is very suitable for spring, summer and autumn. use. Cowhide and sheepskin is soft, comfortable and absorbent, suitable for use in spring, autumn and winter, especially in winter. If the PU steering wheel cover smells no peculiar smell, it is suitable for spring and autumn use, but it is still not recommended to use it in summer because it will release toxic gases such as formaldehyde at high temperatures. PU steering wheel covers with peculiar smell or fragrance are not recommended, because usually formaldehyde and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons exceed the standard and are harmful to health.


Many riders like to use silicone steering wheel covers, because while improving the control of the steering wheel, they will not lose control of the steering wheel due to sweating in the summer. Especially when turning, it is very dangerous for driving if slipping occurs. Although the price ratio of silicone steering wheels is higher, they are more flexible than ordinary car steering wheels when used, which helps improve driving safety.


Although the silicone steering wheel cover is only an accessory of the car, we must not be sloppy when choosing it. After all, this small car accessory can also affect our safe driving. Choose a silicone steering wheel that suits you. Covers can make us safer when driving.