Is Silicone Kitchenware Safe For Cooking?

- Jun 22, 2019-


Silicone kitchenware is seldom used in Chinese families. At present, many families are using traditional tableware and kitchenware. In fact, silicone kitchenware has become a trend, but many people are questioning this new product, so whether silicone kitchenware can be used safely?

Silicone rubber has long been proved to be a very safe silicone material. In Europe and the United States, stainless steel cake pans are increasingly being replaced by silicone rubber pans, and when they roast meat, they no longer use brushes, instead of silicone rubber brushes. They use silicone rubber butter scrapers and spatulas, they use silicone rubber membranes to keep food fresh, and even steamers are made of silicone rubber. Surprisingly, many of the silicone products they use in food contact are Made in China.


In fact, silicone is a kind of rubber, which is formed by combining silicon with carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and other elements. Silica gel is an industry term, including many classifications. Silicon is a ubiquitous natural element that is abundant in sand and rock, and we often come into contact with it. In fact, the sealing rings of nipples and pressure cookers used on baby bottles in daily life belong to silica gel products, but these are all food-grade silica gel, approved by the United States and the Drug Administration (FDA), and listed as safe products by major food testing agencies around the world, which can be used for storage and cooking.