Industry Insiders Teach You How To Distinguish The True And False Silicone

- Jun 24, 2019-


Why do manufacturers agree that the product is made of silica gel? How can we distinguish the real silicone product?

1. Regardless of the size of the brand, must pass the certification of the relevant national authorities

Food grade silica gel is an inorganic polymer colloidal material obtained by polycondensation of silicic acid. Its main component is SiO2·nH2O. Its content is above 98%. It is non-toxic and tasteless, and its chemical properties are stable. In addition to caustic and hydrofluoric acid under normal conditions, it is non-toxic. Does not react with any acid or base salts. At present, infant and toddler products on the market involve silica gel materials. The grades are classified into pharmaceutical grade silica gel and food grade silica gel. Among them, the grade of pharmaceutical grade silica gel is higher, and all need to be certified by the State Food and Drug Administration. Infant and toddler products on the market in China generally follow three national standards: China, the United States, and South Korea. Regardless of the country's standards for the product, it is only certified by the National Food and Drug Administration to be genuine. Be sure to see it when you buy it.

2. Latex, rubber fish, mixed beads, teach you three tricks


Since the edible silica gel is refined and sterilized, it can be directly mixed with the food and medicine as needed to ensure that the food is dried and eaten together with the food, without any toxic side effects on the human body. Therefore, parents who pay attention to the safety of infant entrances are biased towards infant products made of silicone materials, and Mr. Gong pointed out that there are many latex and rubber in the infant products, and even the industry must carefully identify them. Separate true and false. Professionals generally choose through the following three strokes:

First: trial elasticity: rubber, latex elasticity is better, silica gel is more fragile, in the selection, you can try the elasticity first, if the elasticity is very good, it may be rubber;

Second: look at the color: rubber, latex because of the high content of impurities, can not be made of transparent color products, and silica gel is colorless and transparent, to do transparent silicone rubber products must use silica gel raw materials

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Third: smell: rubber, latex products have a strong taste. When you smell it, you will smell pungent. Some manufacturers add flavor to cover up the taste. Therefore, it is much better to choose silicone materials.

Finally, because the manufacturing process itself is more complicated, the price of the silica gel is not particularly low. Therefore, when purchasing, do not think that it is cheap to buy a low-priced silicone product.