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- Mar 31, 2020-

Some time ago, I received a call from the customer. The customer is looking for a new type of silica gel product, which can hardly be found in the market. For such a new silica gel product, a new concept is needed for the design alone. If the mold is to be realized, it needs to be modified many times and tested regularly. The product is very large at the beginning, and the mold will be very large, but according to the specific requirements of customers, we also need to provide solutions for customers. Whether the product can be realized through the mold and whether it is easy to demould in the production process are all the problems we need to consider. However, the designer of the customer does not know the structure of the mold very well, so how to solve such problems? For the manufacturer of the silica gel products of Tibo, it is our consistent style to provide solutions for customers. The following small part will introduce one for you Specific solutions.

In general, we have met many similar customer cases, in which case, we have achieved good results through our suggestions. The customer first sent a similar sample, but the appearance and material of the sample are totally different, knowing what kind of product the customer needs to look for, and what kind of function the product needs, then the rest is the analysis of our engineers from the silica gel product manufacturer, the product is large enough, and the structure is complex.

According to the actual situation of production, the product should not be too large, too large mold is difficult to achieve, and directly affect the performance of the product. According to the improvement of the appearance and the reduction of the size, the copy is finally sent to the customer for confirmation. In the view of customers, this is the effect they need, and also the silica gel product factory they are looking for.

In such a large market environment, many customers often need us to put forward better suggestions or improvement suggestions for what they need. Because it is a complex process from product design to implementation.

About silica gel products factory

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"To provide consumers with reliable high-quality green and environmental protection products." It is the production concept that Tibo silicone rubber products factory always adheres to. The company adopts advanced and scientific ERP management system, and has good cooperation with relevant universities, laboratories, professional testing companies and well-known listed enterprises, and has established its own quality inspection system.

About silica gel products

The production of Dibo silica gel products is a complex process. Besides machine and human factors, the intermediate inspection is the key to find and solve major product quality problems. Therefore, to keep the normal operation of the machine, the good working condition of the mold, and to strengthen the operation skills and quality awareness training of the operators and quality control personnel are the key to reduce the poor production, and also the place of enterprise benefits.