How To Solve The Problem Of Mold Silicone Defo

- Aug 05, 2020-

The main reasons for mold rubber deformation are:

1) The liner of the mold rubber is not accurate enough.

2) The mold silicone was not fully cured before it was put into use. Although the mold can usually be taken out within a few hours after the mold is poured, it usually takes at least one week for the mold glue to fully cure. If time permits, the experienced person usually takes out the mold one month after pouring the mold and starts using the mold.

3) Each time the mold is used, the soft silicone mold is not put into the hard shell for storage immediately.

4) The mold is subjected to long-term deformation pressure during use.

5) The quality of the mold silicone used is too poor, or the shrinkage rate is too high or the filling is too much (to reduce the cost of mold glue). The shrinkage rate of high-end mold glue is 0.1%, and the ordinary one is about 3%. higher.