How To Ensure The Shelf Life Of Silicone Rubber Sheets In A Disadvantaged Environment?

- Nov 05, 2019-


            Everything has certain influences in different environments, such as high and low temperature, hydraulic pressure and stress, etc., while silicone gaskets and the like, its defects are caused by moisture, heat, acid, alkali, oil and other chronic corrosion. Loss of performance, functional protection will gradually decline, how to improve the shelf life of silicone gaskets in this case?

          Silicone rubber products are basically not used in normal conditions, and there will be quality overdue or aging. However, products such as silicone gasket mats are affected by the long-term and external environment, and the long-term use will still affect the aging rate and function of the products. Sexually affected by certain factors, the role of silicone gaskets in different industries is usually used for sealing, shock absorption and isolation and waterproof and temperature resistance, so in some harsh environments, it is necessary to do some protection.


          Silicone rubber gaskets should be strictly assembled and controlled by force during use. For example, for mechanical and electronic silicone gaskets, the product can be squeezed to a minimum, so that the product has a certain strength during use, and silicon is also used. Rubber gaskets have a certain impact on the environment. Ozone and oil are the key to its aging. Therefore, in a favorable environment, the ozone environment of the gasket principle should be kept as dry as possible, such as heat source, humidity and oil.

         If the silicone product is stored properly, the quality and life of the product will be prolonged. If the product is not properly stored, the long-term use will be affected by corrosion products such as acid, alkali, oil, oxygen, etc. Oxidation with air, deformation of the silicone gasket, discoloration, reduced tension, product deformation, etc., so try to keep the silicone rubber sheet in a dry environment during use.


         Usually for different product functions, the choice of comparatively superior silica material and product hardness is the key to improving product quality. The normal use of the second product is to ensure its life is critical, so in addition to the nature of the product, it must be used with caution, no damage. Sex experiments use!