How To Control The Problem Of Cracking Of Silicone Products?

- Sep 10, 2019-


      The most worrying thing about many things is that the product is cracked. Of course, silicone products are no exception. On the contrary, if the rubber products are broken, it is impossible to repair. It is basically scrapped in time. Therefore, as a supplier in the silicone rubber products industry, it is necessary to strictly control this phenomenon. The problem caused by the inability of the silicone rubber product to recover after rupture is always annoying, such as sealing fittings, fittings inside, and so on!

     There are ways to control the tear phenomenon when there is tearing. Although the product can be divided into a variety of phenomena to cause cracking, there are still some differences!


        The main phenomenon caused by artificial rupture: there is a right angle or rupture in the process of use, and it is likely that there will be tearing and tearing. The main reason is that the hardness of the product is high and the part with weak tearing is weak. The main reason is that the oil pressure is too long on the surface of the product during production and processing, and the surface of the product becomes brittle. The phenomenon of high hardness and brittleness is more likely to cause tearing when there is a right angle or a tearing opening!


        The main reason for the cracking of some silica gel miscellaneous pieces is due to the influence of the force, and the uneven force caused by the force at the same time leads to the rupture of the product toughness deviation. This phenomenon can select special raw materials and vulcanizing agents from the raw materials of the raw materials of the manufacturers. To improve the wear resistance and fatigue resistance of the product, and to control the fluidization speed and temperature normally, it should be operated normally to prevent cracking when used!


        In addition, many silicone rubber products have a lot of burrs when they are put out, so the tearing phenomenon caused by the detaching process is very much, and many silicone rubber products manufacturers may have more products in the process of detaching the edges. The burrs of the department, this is also one of the hidden dangers of product tearing! The production of silica gel products is a complicated process. It is precisely because of the artificial production effect that it can be avoided. Therefore, the phenomenon of cracking and tearing cannot be avoided. The prevention of this phenomenon should be found from the source.