How To Clean Silicone Kitchenware

- Dec 05, 2019-

            Silicone non-slip mats are useful kitchen tools in many homes. Silicone pads have good usability. We just need to place non-slip silicone pads in everyday use. You can directly place the items on the non-slip silicone pad, which has high temperature resistance, heat insulation, non-toxic, harmless and tasteless, strong adsorption, and can be adsorbed on the table.


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         Have bought silicone products before using it, you can wash it with detergent or soap. These two methods are also more convenient to clean, but the detergent cannot be used for a long time, otherwise the silicone skin will be damaged and whitish. The best effect of the cleaning method is to use soap and brush. These methods are more convenient and The chemical composition of soap is relatively stable, so daily cleaning will not damage the surface of the silicone. The silicone pad does not stick to the flour, and the daily cleaning is relatively simple. If there is not much stickiness, it can be cleaned directly by using warm water.



         There are many products of silicone products, each of which has a different purpose and cleaning. But many silicone materials do not stick to the bottom of the cage drawer or the bottom of the oven. The more viscous the silica gel, the worse the quality of the material. The smaller the viscosity of the silicone product, the better the quality. Silicone steamer pads and silicone baking pads can be cleaned using the methods above, but silicone kneading pads cannot be cleaned with detergent. It is best to wipe with warm water or a clean cloth, dry after cleaning and then use it again.




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         The main function and characteristic of the silicone pad is that it is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, harmless to the human body, high temperature, low temperature resistance, steam resistance, boiling resistance, water vapor resistance. Can be used directly. In order to steam the buns without sticking to the steamer cloth, the silicone pad must be washed once with water, preferably warm water. The effect will be better, and some dry flour will be made on it so that it will not stick to the steamer. Details also have some relationship with the material. Good materials also have some influence.