How To Choose Steel For Making Developing Silicone Mold?

- Oct 15, 2020-

  At present, the types of steels generally used for silicone molds are 55#, P20, 718, S136, etc. Silicone button customization manufacturers suggest that customers choose steel when opening the mold. What is the difference between these types of steel?

  Since the structure of ordinary silicone button molds is relatively simple, if you develop a sample mold to confirm the structure, or if the product production cycle is not long, and the order quantity is not large, 55# steel can meet the requirements, and 55# steel is cheap and easy to process. Can well control the cost of silicone molds.

  If it is custom-made silicone rubber products, miscellaneous parts, sealing rings, precision structural parts, silicone daily necessities, silicone sex products, etc., or when the precision is relatively high, and the requirements for burr treatment are strict, 55# steel is not suitable and requires more hardness P20, 718S136, etc., with higher materials and better materials. The cost of this type of steel is several times higher than that of 55# steel, and it is also more difficult to process. Therefore, the price of the mold is higher, but the customized silicone product has a good surface effect and is polished for post-processing. The effect is also better. If the product has a longer production cycle, strict surface effect requirements, or polishing and electroplating requirements, it is generally recommended to use this type of steel to open the mold.