How To Calculate The Price Of Silicone Mold

- Aug 12, 2019-


How to calculate the quotation process of silicone mold is different from rubber, plastic and other industries. The processing methods and processes are more complicated. Besides people, machines, raw materials and molds need different processes and special processes, everyone knows that price needs to be considered from all aspects. The accounting is to ensure the reasonable cooperation of the products in processing and production.


1. When it comes to the price calculation of silicone, first of all, the weight of the product is the most important. In the silicone rubber industry, if the product has no weight, no one will quote it accurately, so many inquiries and customers need 3D drawings or samples to calculate the weight of the product, they need to quote. For the calculation method of the product, the product volume × silica gel density is generally used to calculate the weight of the product. The density of the silicone rubber product industry is known, the density is 0.0012. If the density of the silica gel is multiplied by the volume of the product, if the weight of the product is not the weight of the silica gel, then the product can not only determine the production of the silica material, so the density of the silica gel can not only be determined. The weight of the product, but also know if it belongs to the quality of silica gel.

Two. After the weight calculation is completed, the first mold of the product is compared with the first mold of the mold to see the weight of the product and the weight of the burrs, the quantity of the raw materials, the curing time and the smooth processing. The above calculation completes the manufacture of the silicone resin. The profit of the company ensures that the product can be processed at a reasonable price. Therefore, the price of the product is not only related to the weight, but also related to the machine factor and human factors. The intermediate production process is the key to solving the main product quality problem.

Therefore, it is not only in the growth and operation of the machine, the precision of the mold, but also to strengthen the quality of the operating technology and operators and the quality of the quality control personnel to meet certain requirements.