How Much Do You Know About The Phone Buttons?

- May 24, 2019-

How much do you know about the phone buttons?

In today's society, communication and communication are infinitely expanding. The mobile phone is naturally a must-have item for us. The phone buttons are naturally used by us every day. The phone buttons are simple and simple. For most users who don't pay much attention to it, the mobile phone buttons contain many technical elements.


The mobile phone button includes three categories: silicone button, p+r button and plastic button. The traditional mobile phone is a plastic button. The plastic button has a comparative advantage over the silicone button and the p+r button. The number is much shorter than the silicone button and the p+r button. The plastic button has a lifespan of about 30,000 clicks, while the silicone button and the p+r button reach more than 200,000 clicks, and the plastic button is not flexible. Therefore, if a plastic product needs to be made into a button, it needs to be combined with other accessories to become a button. That is, it is composed of a metal spring, so it is convenient to use the p+r button and the mobile phone button.

Today's mobile phone buttons are mostly silicone products buttons or p+r buttons. The p+r buttons are actually the separation of silicone buttons and plastic buttons. So today's mobile phone buttons are made of silicone material, and the silicone material itself is actually Transparent, of course, most of the mobile phone buttons will not use the color of the transparent mobile phone keys. Therefore, the color of the silicone material at this time must be colored when it is converted into a button. At this time, the body color of the silicone is required to be vulcanized. That's it, you need vulcanization technology. At the same time, when we use the mobile phone at night, we will find that our mobile phone buttons seem to be able to shine in the dark, just like jade can also be fluorescent in the dark. In fact, the phone keys and jade are different at this time. The brightening is because of the reason of light transmission, and also the processing technology of a mobile phone button. The choice is to spray the laser engraving technology on the surface of the silicone button or stick the plastic keycap to complete the manufacture of the silicone mobile phone button.