How Is The Surface Gloss Of Silicone Products Achieved?

- Sep 21, 2019-


       With the continuous development of the silicone industry, the silicone process is also constantly improving. Sometimes, the silicone mold processing factory can meet the requirements of customers, ensure the quality of the silicone products, and achieve the high gloss of the surface of the silicone products. How is the degree achieved?

        The high gloss of the surface of the silicone product is in the form of a high quality silicone product, and the high gloss is made from a mold of a highly polished silicone product. How should the quality of the mold be guaranteed?


        First, ensure that the right hardness silica gel is selected according to the size of the product when manufacturing the mold. The silicone products made in this way can have better gloss and be more beautiful.


        Second, silicone oil can not be added to the gel, because the greater the amount of silicone oil added, the softer the mold, the lower the tensile force and tear strength, the silicone will not last long and the service life will be reduced.


        The gloss of the surface of the silicone product is better. Sometimes the silicone mold processing factory must consider the customer's requirements before selecting the processing technology of the silica gel, and select the exact processing technology, although the above method is a relatively expensive process. It can ensure that the silicone product is smooth and has no non-porous surface to strengthen the non-stick pillar. Silicone itself does not use any treatment as a non-stick thing, but it is recommended to stick butter and fuel on the baking sheet.