How Do Silicone Products Bond With Hardware Products?

- Sep 12, 2019-


       The glue bonding process has a good effect on many products, and it is no exception in the bonding process of silicone rubber products. At present, there are many industrial accessories, toys, gifts, silicone pendants, etc. in the industry. Ways, surface bonding, internal bonding, and partial bonding, etc., and what is the reason for this method to make it fixed without falling off?

        The main seal of the rubber-coated silicone product encapsulation process lies in the structure of the product and the choice of glue. The structure is the main body, and the glue is the second. Just as the common silicone handle is a common process, the hardware belongs to the sheet and has a fixed Therefore, there is no slipping phenomenon, so there is no glue directly, and some adhesive products belong to the general hardware of silicone adhesive coating and there is no fixed seat. This method needs to be bonded to complete! However, the problem is big, you have to look at the effect of glue!


      Generally, the solid content of special coating glue has a certain ratio. Silicone bonding hardware and plastic glue belong to slow-drying glue, which needs to pass high temperature to take effect. Silicone-bonded silica material needs to achieve environmental protection function, so it needs to use environmentally friendly glue. And the liquid glue is hand-coated and placed in a neat and then baked. This kind of glue is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, and does not conflict with other substances!


       There are many ways to bond the finished silicone products. For the material, the silica gel can be bonded to various materials such as textile, plastic, silicone, hardware, leather, etc. For different products, silicone products manufacturers choose different bonding processes. Yes, the size of the difficulty depends mainly on the structure of the product!