How Can You Distinguish If It’s Environmentally Friendly

- Jun 11, 2020-

What is food grade liquid silicone and is it toxic? Is it harmful to human skin? What product industries are generally used?

Food grade liquid silicone is an environmentally friendly material, and is an FDA food grade certificate issued by a third-party testing and certification.

So how can you distinguish if it is environmentally friendly?

1. If you find a company to purchase food-grade liquid silicone, please ask the other party to provide you with FDA food-grade certification. If the other party cannot provide it, it proves that their materials do not meet the environmental protection requirements.

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2. You can take a sample and come back to make a solidified tablet. You can smell it with your nose to know if it is an environmentally friendly material. Odor is not, odorless is.

3. This material is generally resistant to high temperature around 220 degrees, low temperature resistance to about -60 degrees, yellowing after baking, whitening is not.

Most of the food-grade liquid silicone is used to make food molds, so many people call it "food-grade mold silicone", such as candy, chocolate, cakes, brown sugar and other food molds. There are also friends who make human skin and simulate people. This material needs to be used. This material has actually reached the medical-grade environmental protection requirements and is absolutely environmentally friendly to the human body. You can use it with confidence.