Have You Heard Of The Silicone Folding Kettle?

- Sep 28, 2019-


            Kettle, the first one that everyone thinks of is stainless steel, 304 food grade, but it is not convenient to travel or travel, and do not want to use the hotel's kettle? Today I want to tell you a message, a kettle with a folding function was born, green and easy to carry.

Silicone folding kettle features:


        1, the mouth of the bottle is large, it is very convenient to pour in and out;


        2, the white lid of the jug to control the water flow can be removed by itself, and can be put into large objects such as ice cubes;


        3, made of high-quality silica gel, mildew-proof and BPA-free, FDA-approved;


        4, soft and foldable, can be stored in any backpack pocket after stacking;


        5, spherical shape, refolding will not leave creases;


        6, aluminum round hanging ring;


        7, containing 250 degrees boiling water, can be cold and frozen, low temperature -60 degrees;


        8, stable shape, will not release harmful chemicals;


        9, the weight is ultra-light (550ML 91g);


        10, the time is large enough, not too small when not in use, can stretch and fold, can heat and freeze;