Glass, Plastic Or Silicone, How To Choose A Bottle?

- Jun 20, 2019-

Glass, plastic or silicone, how to choose a bottle? 


I believe that many mothers start to have children, diapers, clothes, socks, and various baby products during pregnancy. It is estimated that the family is not suitable. Among them, the bottle is an indispensable top priority. Even if you decide to breastfeed, you should have a baby bottle and keg milk powder to avoid problems during the baby and make your baby feel hungry. But all kinds of bottles are dazzling, glass, plastic or silicone, how to choose a bottle? The best advice makes you not tangled.


Depending on the material, bottles on the market can be divided into three types: glass, plastic and silicone. When we were young, most people used glass bottles. The glass material is relatively stable and resistant to acids and alkalis. It is easy to clean, especially high temperature resistant. Even if it is repeatedly disinfected at high temperatures, it will not decompose harmful substances. However, the shortcomings of glass bottles are also obvious, fragile and heavy. My glass bottle was broken by the baby three, and the baby's father was distressed by the liver fibrillation.

Therefore, the best advice is that when the baby is half a year old, she does not use glass bottles when drinking milk from the bottle. When he starts to take the bottle himself, he will replace it with a bottle of other materials.


Today, there are two main types of plastic bottle materials, PPSU and PP. PPSU Chinese name is polyphenyl sulfone, high temperature resistance of 180 degrees Celsius, low temperature is not easy to decompose harmful substances, the appearance is light yellow. Therefore, in the maternal and child stores, it is recommended that it is safe and light and not easily broken. For babies who can hold the bottle for 6 months or longer, the bottle must be replaced with a bottle that is not easily broken.

The two materials PP and PA are also materials for making bottles compared to PPSU. They are not as strong as PPSU, can withstand up to 120 degrees Celsius, and have a discount on transparency and wear resistance. Therefore, when using such a bottle, parents should pay attention to replacement after finding that they have worn out.


Some time ago, silicone bottles were very popular in the mat. Silicone itself is a non-toxic, odorless raw material widely used in the medical field. First, the materials are safer. In addition to a better feeling, similar to the design of breast milk, so the use of feedback is not bad, interested mothers can also give the baby a try.

The nipple should be replaced

The nipple is more easily overlooked when using the bottle. The nipples are also modeled according to the age of the baby. If the baby grows up, the nipple can not be replaced in time, the baby will be difficult to eat milk, or the nipple hole is too big, may catch the baby, the mother should pay attention to choose the appropriate pacifier baby.

Which bottle do you use for your baby?