Give Me A Reason To Use Food Grade Silicone Fresh-Keeping Cover

- Sep 18, 2020-

  A table of delicious dishes cooked with great effort, but because the weight of the food is not controlled, there are a lot of leftovers. It is a pity to throw it away. It is because the fresh-keeping performance of the food is not good. Is this not your daily life? A life problem often encountered in China, today, the editor brings you a product that can keep you away from the problem of preservation, namely "food-grade silicone fresh-keeping cover".

Daily life silicone products

  What is a food-grade silicone fresh-keeping lid?

  1. The food-grade silicone fresh-keeping lid is also a lid for cups. It uses a unique food-grade silicone material that can absorb any level of glass, ceramic or stainless steel cup mouth.

  2. The product has good airtightness and strong adsorption, and has passed various environmental food-grade certifications such as FDA, ROHS, SGS, LFGB, etc.

Daily life silicone products


  What are the advantages of food-grade silicone fresh-keeping lids?

  1. Environmental protection, insulation, high temperature resistance, compression resistance, easy cleaning, strong resilience;

  2. It is a unique environmentally friendly food-grade non-toxic silicone product;

  3. Good sealing and strong adsorption;

  4. Good material ductility and durability;

  5. High and low temperature resistance, can be refrigerated and frozen, and can be used in microwave ovens.