Fresh Lid Selection, What Are The Differences Between Silicone Tableware And Plastic Daily Necessities?

- Dec 24, 2019-

           The leftovers that ca n’t be eaten ca n’t be dumped, but I ’m worried that it ’s too long to be choked. I ca n’t drink the soda soda when I ’m thirsty, but I ca n’t find a good protection tool to seal and protect. Membrane is too cumbersome to incompletely seal by accident? How did you solve these life chores?

          With the improvement of the standard of living of the whole people, daily-used products have gradually received large-scale innovations. As long as there is demand, the market responds. It is said that sealed fresh preservation can only be considered as a silicone fresh-keeping cover in addition to plastic wrap, although it does not have The plastic wrap is so cheap and not tightly sealed with a plastic shell, but it is more durable than plastic wrap and more extensive than a plastic shell. For daily food storage, do you want to start with a silicone wrap?

           Silicone cling film is mainly produced and customized with environmentally friendly food-grade raw materials. The manufacturing process is mainly made of environmentally friendly food-grade silicone raw materials after high-temperature fixed-line molding at about 200 degrees. The products are made of high tensile raw materials and have good tensile resilience. The material is adjusted for high transmission, semi-transmission and other different colors. The main design point of the product is that the upside-down position at the lid seal serves as a seal protection, and the cup and tableware larger than the product can be sealed by tensile force.

         The main reason for choosing it is convenience and practicality. It is easier to seal than fresh-keeping film, and can be used repeatedly. The low hardness of the material makes the extension of the silicone fresh-keeping cover better. Normally it can reach more than 50%, so the sealing effect is Above, it can seal things larger than half its own diameter, and the greater the sealing strength in the tableware that can be sealed, the better the high temperature resistance of the silicone products, the normal temperature resistance in the microwave oven, the high temperature boiling water and high temperature oil Liquid and easy to clean after use.


         Although it has its own advantages compared with plastic cling film and plastic protective shell, silicone tableware will definitely be a trend in the future. As tableware for daily necessities, environmental safety is essential for us, and it is resistant to temperature and oil. And it has the effect of repeated use, and why not choose silicone tableware?