Fire-Proof Plugging Material

- Jul 20, 2020-

Fire blocking material self-leveling blocking agent function: completely seal the cable entrance and gap of the bottom of the cabinet, which can effectively prevent humid air or small animals from entering the cabinet from the bottom of the cabinet, and can be insulated and flame retardant. The flame retardant level is V0.

Fire-proof plugging material Self-leveling plugging agent Features: Safety: waterproof and moisture-proof, prevent small animals from entering, flame retardant;

Durability: no deformation, no deterioration, no cracking, and no easy collapse after curing;

Simple operation: simple construction, the cabinet surface can be clean and clean;

Tight bonding: It has a good bonding effect with the cabinet body, and is non-corrosive.

Why don't you use fireproof mud to block it now? The plugging materials such as fire retardant mud have on-site problems such as easy to fall off, poor sealing effect, and small animal intrusion, and outdoor cabinets have been operating outdoors for a long time, the working environment is harsh, the cabinet has water leakage, and the cable entry is not tightly plugged. , Can not block the intrusion of moisture and small animals, causing the secondary line to be corroded by moisture, prone to faults such as false signalling, protection malfunction, DC grounding, etc., which seriously threatens the safe operation of the power grid.

Fire-proof plugging material Introduction of self-leveling plugging agent: High-molecular moisture-proof plugging material adopts high-molecular polymer mixing technology and contains highly active chemical substance formula to form a sufficient seal to the gap of electrical equipment cabinet bottom. Flame retardant grade UL94V-0. Can withstand high and low temperatures and various harsh environments, has the advantages of no deformation, no deterioration, no cracking, and long-lasting effects; it can be closely adhered to various metal materials and cable sheath materials, and does not produce adverse chemical reactions, effectively preventing Small animals, etc. enter the enclosed cabinet from the ground, thereby reducing potential safety hazards, sealing and moisture-proof inside the cabinet, preventing moisture penetration of cable interlayers or trenches into the cabinet, and providing a solid protective barrier for production and operation equipment.