Do You Know How To Make A Multi-color Silicone Protective Case?

- Nov 25, 2019-

           At present, in addition to silicone mobile phone sets, many electronic protection products are protected by silicone sleeves or used as promotional gifts, so the appearance of the effect and the pattern is to attract people's attention. As early as a few years ago, the silicone mobile phone case has been flowing. As different process technologies mature, more and more difficult patterns seem to have been overcome by many silicone manufacturers! In the past, I was faced with the problem of making multiple colors more complicated and difficult to color. I am afraid that I can’t achieve it. Now I am facing the color that is more beautiful, how can I attract consumers’ eyes!

         The normal production of silica gel products is exactly the same. There are several processes for preparing materials, forming oil pressure, trimming, secondary sulfurization and surface treatment. However, there are different ways to deal with the appearance. Sometimes the appearance cost of a product is already Higher than the whole product, for the appearance of the silicone protective cover, the process can be said to be a product of any nature, but only the appearance of different patterns is required, different processes will have different effects! However, the price will be different, so you can choose the effect you want from the following!


          One-piece molding process: This method can be made in one time compared with a single mold. In the vulcanization process of silicone products manufacturers, after the color K is molded once, the raw materials are placed in the mold for secondary vulcanization. After the product is released, the product will be The two-color silicone product can reflect the three-dimensional feeling of bumps and feels! But just for two or three colors, too many colors will be more troublesome!

          Epoxy process: Epoxy process is mainly formed for the appearance of the product. It is one of the more popular ones on the market. It can be used as a different figure and the LOGO color is obvious. One product can reach several Ten colors are formed by placing the toner into the color of the silicone product through the micro-machine to form a three-dimensional effect. Products that require three-dimensional or multi-color can adopt this process, but the price will be higher!

         Silk screen printing process: Silk screen printing is a relatively simple printing process. It is generally used for printing LOGO or monochrome pattern. It is better and more efficient. The material is transferred to the product through the silicone rubber head. This process can only print flat effects, and the color is preferably one.

         Color printing: This kind of process belongs to the relatively new printing process. It has been introduced into China for less than ten years. It can be divided into two types: transfer and stamping. The heat transfer machine uses heat and pressure to reverse the pattern on the transfer film. The surface of the product integrates the ink and the product. The texture is high and the effect is realistic. Compared with other processes, the product grade and effect of this process are relatively high!

          Water transfer: This kind of process is relatively rare in the silicone industry. It is mainly used to print the color pattern of printing paper and plastic film by water pressure. It is more than the usual application of some daily necessities!


        The pattern and processing of the appearance of silicone products are usually commonly used in the above, and different shapes and sizes of products need to adopt different processes. Sometimes many design projects are officially because this may cause the appearance of a product to affect the heat of the product. !