Detailed Silicone Mosquito Repellent Bracelet

- Dec 28, 2019-

            Being bitten by mosquitoes is something that everyone must experience, especially children. The mosquito repellent method has gradually developed from early plants to later mosquito repellents and mosquito coils to the essential oil repellent now, but with the With the maturity of mosquito repellent technology nowadays, many people put mosquito repellent bracelets on their children in order not to be bitten by mosquitoes. Many friends expressed doubts about this mosquito repellent method. This is fun! Is it really so amazing, and how is it made?

            The main composition of the mosquito repellent bracelet is a silicone bracelet and an essential vegetable oil. Its main manufacturing process is divided into several types. The first is to directly make the essential oil bag and put it into the silicone bracelet. Use it to a certain extent and then replace the essential oil bag. There are also many silicone bracelet processing plants that directly add essential oils to the finished silicone products. Finally, the essential oils are directly added to the raw materials for mixing and processing.

          If the essential oil is directly added to the raw materials, it is mainly completed by the following steps:

          Silicone raw material ratio distribution, color gel ratio, vulcanizing agent ratio are mixed and mixed in a rubber mixer for 30 minutes to maintain uniformity. After the mixing is completed, the essential oil ratio is adjusted, and the mixing ratio is less than 3%. After cutting and production. Due to the fact that the essential oil is in the form of a water or a paste, it is necessary to pay attention to the leakage problem during the addition process.

          The processing technology of the silicone mosquito repellent bracelet is the same as that of ordinary silicone products. The raw materials of the product are mixed with the essential oil during the mixing process, but the proportion of the essential oils needs to be paid attention to during the mixing process. The product has surface oil leakage and cannot be cured, so the uniform mixing ratio is required during mixing, and other processes can be the same as ordinary silicone bracelets. There are many types of essential oils, and the effects of different mosquito repellent bracelets made by them are different, and many essential oils have a strong odor. You need to pay attention to controlling the proportion of materials!