Custom Game Machine / Small Fighter Handle Silicone Sleeve Process

- May 17, 2019-

Custom Game Machine / Small Fighter Handle Silicone Sleeve Process

As a silicone/product OEM/customized processing manufacturer, Dongguan AASIN specializes in providing custom-made services for game consoles. And provide users with a viable product design service! The company has a professional product design department, mold development and production department, and constantly solve various design and production problems for users! Let's take a look at the customization process of the Kotelly custom game console/small master handle silicone sleeve.

Game machine silicone case

One. First of all, we need to contact the colleagues in the business department, you can click on the online customer service directly on the official website home page for consultation! Send a 3D image file to us after a simple inquiry, and then the engineering department will make product estimates and quotations to provide effective advice on the rationality of the product! If you don't have a 3D image, you can mail the sample! If you don't have a 3D image or sample, just tell us your thoughts. Kotel has a professional product designer to design a satisfactory silicone handle for your game console!

 Cassidy game machine silicone sleeve custom


two. We will calculate a detailed list of quotations to the customer based on the relevant drawings and technical data provided by the customer, and indicate the mold opening cycle and the first date.

three. Determine the quotation and sign the contract

After confirming the customization information of the silicone handle of the game machine (including the unit price/mold fee/production cycle), the customer needs to sign a contract drafted by our company, and then prepay 50% of the deposit! In order to meet certain large-scale production requirements, mold costs can be eliminated!

four. Determine sample and bulk production

After confirming that the sample of the silicone handle of the game machine is correct, the next step is the production of large goods. During the production period, the customer can check the production status of the workshop at any time! We are all packaged after rigorous testing, the packaging process is strictly enforced, and the exclusive product packaging box can be customized! The general production cycle of large goods is within 25 days, and the process complexity is about 30 days! After the production is completed, you need to pay off the rest of the payment and ship it! We always adhere to the "quality first, customer first" business philosophy, to achieve high quality and low price, convenient and quick silicone product customization service!