Classification Of Silicone Button Spraying Process

- Feb 28, 2019-

Silicone buttons generally need to be sprayed, otherwise the buttons feel normal and the surface is prone to dust. Spraying is a process of surface treatment of silicone buttons. According to the different inks sprayed, it is divided into two types: sprayed colored oil and colorless oil. According to the specific ink, it can be divided into the following types:

Spraying ordinary color oil: Spraying color oil is actually spraying a layer of visible ink on the surface of the silicone button, and the color is adjusted according to the customer's demand for the product.

PU: PU refers to an ink, which has strong adhesion, wear resistance, good transparency, etc. The silicone button with PU spray is also very good, very wear-resistant, and is also a very common process for silicone manufacturers.

Spraying extinction: Matting ink is a kind of matte hand-feeling ink. Its characteristics are similar to PU inks, but the spray-extinguishing ink will make the surface of the silicone button surface matte, and it can spray the effect of matte, and the feel is also inferior. More smooth!

Spraying oil: Spraying oil means that the surface of the silicone button has a glossy surface.