Choose Car Mats Carefully, What Are The Safety Risks Of Different Mat Materials?

- Nov 26, 2019-

           Car foot pads, as a kind of practical automotive products, can effectively waterproof, dust-proof, non-slip, and are very suitable for use in heavy rain and cold weather. Car mats, trunk mats, steering wheel covers, etc. are all essential car decoration items for many car owners after buying a car. The materials can be divided into several types. Among them, silicone mats, rubber mats and Silk dots, plush pads and more.

          The car mat looks like an inconspicuous thing, but it actually plays a role in life in real life. Because it is closest to the car's throttle, brake, clutch, etc., if the choice of foot pads is not reasonable enough, it will likely affect the effectiveness of the brakes, and thus affect life.

Car feet are roughly divided into the following categories:

           Large enclosing foot pads: The large enclosing foot pads are placed in the car to block all the space under the feet, so that no dirt or water can be everywhere in the car, that is, three-dimensional foot pads, and there are concave .

          Silk ring foot pad: Silk ring car foot pad has strong dirt absorption ability, easy to clean, suitable for use all year round. The wire structure of the wire loop foot pad can effectively control dust and stolen goods inside the floor mat, so the wire loop foot pad has a strong ability to absorb dirt. Moreover, the wire loop foot pads are not prone to slipping. Placing the wire loop foot pads in the car gives a high-end feel. However, the coverage area of the wire loop foot pad is small, and in this respect, the wire loop foot pad is not as good as the surrounding foot pad.


         Plastic / silicone foot pads: Silicone rubber pads have been very popular among car owners because of their resistance to dirt and easy cleaning. In the process of use, because the cost of silicone rubber material is relatively high, and the use of plastic foot pads is relatively slippery, not so safe and stable, and the rubber pads will produce harmful odors, so they are slowly eliminated by the market.


         Plush foot pads: Compared to several other foot pads, plush foot pads are more prone to getting dirty and not so easy to clean. The benefit is that it looks relatively upscale.


         The material and use of foot pads are not regulated by any explicit laws. However, accidents that affect the work of automobile brake pedals often occur due to the displacement of foot pads and improper installation. So how do you count the correct installation and use of foot pads? Car Girl reminded us that when we installed and used the foot pad, we noticed the following aspects.

1, laying multiple layers of foot pads can be fatal


          In order to facilitate cleaning, some owners will lay a layer of rubber, PVC and other easy-to-clean foot pads on the fabric foot pads. According to online surveys, the occurrence of foot pad displacement caused by laying double-layer foot pads is very high. The laying of double-layered foot pads makes the upper foot pads unable to be fixed, which is prone to displacement events. Because the foot pads are all new, car owners are more likely to be negligent, and the chance of accidents is greatly increased.

2, deformed foot pads should be replaced in time

           When using a mat for a certain period of time, deformation will usually occur, such as the four corners are lifted. The raised position of the foot pads can easily catch the throttle or brake. Some unscrupulous owners have not even replaced the foot pads for years, which is very dangerous! After a period of use, the owner should check whether the foot pad has been deformed, and the owner of the deformed foot pad should immediately replace it.

3. Must be reversed


           Some styles of foot pads are very similar in front and back, and the car is mainly distinguished clearly. The upside-down of the foot pad not only can not prevent dust and slip, but also cannot be fixed firmly, and even interfere with the pedal. Laying upside down is also prohibited.


             Only for the special-purpose car type and fabric foot pads, the position reversal rarely occurs. But when you install it, you must identify it carefully and install it in the correct way. So how do you count the correct installation method? Let ’s talk about it together.

4. Choose the mat that matches the model

             The shape of the driver's floor varies with different models. In order to better fit the contours of the side floor of the vehicle model, the owner should choose a special type for the special car, and try to avoid the universal foot pad.

5. Make sure that the foot pad will not hinder the use of the pedal

             When laying the foot pads, make sure that the driving side foot pads will not affect the use of the accelerator and brake pedal. Manually-blocked vehicles also include clutches.

6. Make sure the feet are firmly fixed

             The new models are already equipped with foot pads. When installing, be sure to fix the foot pad firmly with the fixing bolt. For older models without footpad fixing bolts, the owner can choose to make self-made fixing glue during installation to ensure that the footpads will not be displaced.

7. Methods to avoid pedals getting stuck

            In addition to the improper use of foot pads, the pedals may be stuck, and some unfixed sundries in the cabin may roll in the car or even jam the pedals, causing accidents. Passengers in the rear seat should also be careful not to place water bottles and other objects on the floor of the rear seat, because the rear seat and front seat of many models are connected, and they may slip under the driver's pedal when braking.

           When performing maintenance, you can ask the repairman to check the pedals. If any pedal is found to be loose or action is awkward, it must be adjusted or replaced in time.

            Finally remind the owner, in addition to the shape and size mentioned above to match, you should also pay attention to the following points when buying foot pads:

1, dirt-resistant / easy to clean

           Although most car owners do not need to do their own car washing now, I would like to say that car mats that are not resistant to dirt do not only affect people ’s visual effects, they are also a place to hide dirt and dirt. If they are not cleaned in time, It will also greatly affect people's physical health. Therefore, for your own health, choose an easy-to-clean foot pad.

2, no odor

           Among the various foot pads, there are many low-quality foot pads. In order to reduce costs, chemicals such as chlorinated paraffin are used, and the material itself is also very poor, so there will be a great stench, especially now that the temperature is high in summer , The taste is even more pungent, which is very harmful to the body, and also easily causes motion sickness. Therefore, in any case, you cannot buy a car mat because it is cheap, and you need to go to a regular mall to buy it.

3, No flame retardant material

            Car mats are a place that most riders will ignore. Some car mats contain flammable materials such as wool and foam, and sometimes fires may occur due to accidentally falling cigarette ends. Therefore, it is necessary to buy foot pads with excellent fire resistance, which not only insures life, but also an effective measure to prevent "spontaneous combustion" of cars in the future.